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Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
this 2010 campaign go to jail for breaking the law and we know that the shadow campaign was run right next-door with friends of vince gray's running the campaign. i don't know, you know. i think that vince gray has failed to explain it to us because i know that he's worried it will have something to do with the investigation. the investigation apparently is not done. it's ongoing and i believe that the city needs to move forward and turn the page. >> make no mistake, this campaign is just getting started. the democratic primary is five months away april 1st. the winner, the overwhelming favorite to win the general election because democratic voters outnumber republicans in the district of columbia by a 9- 1 margin. >>> of course, the news that mayor gray is seeking a second term spread through d.c. streets quickly. we sent our ken molestina out to gauge the response from d.c. residents. he's live now with more. what's the word on the street there? >> reporter: a lot of people are asking the same question. what took the mayor so long to announce his candidacy? he practically waited til
Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
whatsoever unless they are the bad guy. >> reporter: but if you're not the bad guy, laws don't outline what should be done with your records. >> we have no ability to really know what the government is doing and that's very problematic. >> reporter: when there's not a cell phone tower nearby, police can simply mimic their own with this device called a stingray. stingray fools your phone into thinking it's a real tower. thousands of records belonging to innocent people could be collected without a warrant. >> a number of cases they've used these devices to triangulate people within a room, so it's very very accurate within several feet. >> reporter: the electronic privacy and information center found stingray is only used without the public's knowledge. >> you could imagine a device like this being used to gather the identities of all individuals at a rally. >> reporter: it's a balance between public safety and right to privacy with no clear signal from the law and the fbi and police refuse to talk about it saying it would hurt their investigations. working with usa today and our sister tele
Dec 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
storm laws across the country. >> wintery warnings from texas to tennessee. take a look at your world in 90 seconds. >> tonight one of the worst ice storms in years stretches from texas to pennsylvania. >> reporter: ice, sleet and snow covers parts of oklahoma, arkansas, tennessee and texas. >> utilities crews in texas and arkansas tried to knock heavy ice off power lines before they snapped from the weight. on ramps became as slippery as bobsled runs. you could hear pellets of ice pound the ground in denton, texas, north of dallas. 1/2-inch of freezing rain and snow made the roads treacherous for drivers. >> go really slow and easy on the brakes. >> hundreds of thousands were customers were without power as of friday morning. >> and hundreds of flights are canceled. >> the ice storm is absolutely our worst situation. >> this storm is blamed for at least one death in oklahoma. >> see all kinds of different things happen out there and 99.9% of them are preventible. >> parts of arkansas could see temperatures drop to 0. >> if this refreezes, it just makes it that more hazardous. >> officia
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
machines. >> and the senate could vote on the bill monday, just hours before the law expires the very next day. >>> this was quite a day for the dc police department. one officer in the hospital tonight with a gunshot wound. and tonight, another is behind bars. >> earlier tonight, mulla leggy talked to kathy lanier about another officer facing child pornography charges. >> reporter: it was officers from this building in the seventh district who arrested washington, after he was accused of possessing and creating child pornography. >> we had an officer who was sworn to protect the public, and now we have an allegation that was sworn to protect the public, now he's just done this horrible act to hurt members in the community. >> the missing 15-year-old girl called police sunday to report that her daughter returned home. he allegedly asked to speak to the girl in private in her bedroom. while they were in there, authorities asked her to remove her clothing. after asking why, he said he needed the images for evidence. she ultimately did remove her clothing, and he allegedly took pict
Dec 1, 2013 11:30pm EST
. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cbs news the operator told first responders he applied the brakes but they did not function. >> thousands of people are bracing for a complicated monday morning commute. amtrak, whose trains run along the same rail lines, says delays can be expected. >>> police are blaming icy pavement for a massive chain reaction crash in massachusetts that ruined the trip home from thanksgiving today for a whole lot of people. more than 70 cars piled up along interstate 290 in worcester. authorities say a tractor- trailer fish tailed and crashed, setting off a whole series of other collisions. the wrecks closed both sides of the interstate and sent more than 30 people to the hospital. state police had been urging travelers to stay off the roads and avoid central massachusetts. >>> well, the panda cub at the national zoo now has a name. people voted, and they have chosen bao bao for the 100-day- old panda. >> that's neat. that's what my wife and kids voted for. 00 days marks a big milestone for a baby. surae chinn was there for the celebration and the naming
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5